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Camp Harrison H. Child Staff

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About this site

This is a site set up for the former staff members of Camp Child (a Boy Scout camp in Manomet, Plymouth, Massachusetts) in order to keep in touch with each other.


This site is not affiliated with any official group or organization (including, but not limited to, the Boy Scouts of America, Old Colony Council, etc.), and there is no official endorsement by any such group or organization.

How it works

"Membership" (for want of a better word) is free. Membership is open to all former workers of Camp Harrison H. Child.

All of the information is password protected. To gain access, you have to receive the password from someone who already knows it. Distribution of the password is restricted -- only former staff members of the camp are allowed access.

This does not work like most alumni "keep in touch" sites, which let you add your information quickly, but then ask you to pay something to access other people's information. This site is different:

Who's doing this site?

This site is not part of any larger company. This site is organized and run by the members, former staff of Camp Child. Specifically, the person who owns "" is Bill Pellowe; Bill was told by another alumnus that an alumni contact information project was underway, and so he volunteered some time and server space for an on-line home for the project. The "owership" of the data, though, rests with the members, who have the ultimate say over where and how the data is stored and distributed.

Why the name "i-fubar"?

Long story, but the short version is this: The domain name was originally purchased for a specific project that didn't work out. If there's a lot of interest in this camp site, we can move it to its own site. That "i-fubar" project was to be for a Japanese mobile-phone-browser site for pubs and bars in the city of Fukuoka. (Japan's number 1 mobile service before smartphones took over the marked was called i-mode, hence the "i-".)

Why join?

To keep in touch with the people you used to work with on staff. If interested, request access now.


Your personal details will not be lent, sold, shared or in any way made available to anyone outside of the members of this site. Members of this site are forbidden from making your information available to outsiders. Please note that this page was not written by a lawyer, so it's possible that loopholes exist, but the intent and spirit of the document is clearly that privacy will be maintained, regardless of any loopholes etc.

How do I...

For techical questions, check the help page.